Thursday, December 16, 2010

Is It WRONG to Take a Joshua Tree Home With You?

Let's suppose a friend of mine asked me this question(Really; a friend. I swear!). What should I have said? What would YOU have told them?

Probably you'd say something like "Are you crazy??? Don't you know how delicate, endangered, BIG those things are?" Or "You mean from the actual park, the National Park??? Are you CRAZY?"

Well - you'd be wrong. The answer is "Sure! You really SHOULD take a Joshua Tree home with you."(if you happen to be in the neighborhood(of Joshua Tree Natinal Park).

"Why?" you might ask, and I'll tell you.

It's because the Joshua Tree in question is not the living article....but a whimsical miniature recreation, sculpted in copper wire and set amongst a base of stone, created by local artist Eric Pfranger.

Eric makes these beautiful Joshua Tree sculptures and places them for sale at venues such as retail store and local landmark Coyote Corner, and the Joshua Tree Chamber of Commerce.

Here is an example currently at Coyote Corner:
Joshua Tree,sculpture,copper wire

And here's another one!(You can click this image to make it bigger sized)

You're next question might be along the lines of "How can I get one?!" The answer is simple, really. You'll have to come and pick it up!

So - if you happen to be in Joshua Tree, give Eric a call and see if he's got a tree available for you. He has no website, but you can call him directly, at (760) 974 - 6646.Tell him you heard about his wonderful creations from Happiegrrrl!

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Smol Dusaran said...

Wow, what a nice piece of art!