Friday, May 25, 2007

Overheard in JTree

My campsite was the one under Toe Jam, which is probably the route that is most widely known by those who have gone, or are planning to go, to Jtree at least once in their lives. It is like the 42nd Street of the Tree - stand around there long enough and you'll meet every climber in the world.....

So, I'm in camp a little early one day and making some dinner. A team is on the route; boyfriend/girlfriend, and it's clear that the second is new to climbing. She is doing fine though, and her partners beta....errrr, I mean encouragement, though probably helpful, is not necessary. She sends the route. Happiness ensues and they rap off, walking through the middle of my camp.

As they come within hearing distance, the guy makes a comment. He pauses and points south, to a small(er) boulder(in Jtree, one could say that most of the formations are really just big boulders, judging by the amount of 4th-classiness that goes on in the place).

He tells his girl, with authority(clearly he's been to Jtree least once or twice), "....and that's the Caveman problem."

She looks over, nods appreciatively, and asks.... "So - what's the problem with it?"

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