Tuesday, February 09, 2010

ClimbingBlogs.com ~ That's a Good Link List!

Recently, I met a Twitter user, Tristan Higbee. Met him online, I mean. He had just started a new climbing blog, Daily Climbing Tips. The idea is, that each day he will post a bit of helpful information, or some other climbing-related tidbit. Each day!

Well, it's been two weeks already and he's still on track. The entries are short, simple, easy to read articles, and it looks like he'll also include a smattering of videos and gear reviews. Worth taking a look, I think.

But that's not the end of it. I guess Mr. Tristan got an idea, when he posted about his new blog here, on rockclimbing.com. As one would expect, he got a few nasty burns from the regulars, and also a jump-on-the-bandwagon load of other bloggers seizing the moment to post links to their own blogs.

That must have been the impetus for him to create an adjunct site, ClimbingBlogs.com, which is a catalog of various climbing-related blogs. Already he's got more than 30 listed, and there is an easy-to-spot "Add a Blog" link which anyone can use to submit a blog to be included. Blogs are vetted before being added, but this one got through, so the bar isn't all that high!

The cool thing about ClimbingBlogs.com is that it reads like a front page of a newspaper. Blogs excerps are listed as the author posts, along with the name of the blog for identification. This way, the newest content is always right at the top ~ Very easy to keep up!

Nice work! So, take a minute and check out both these new climbing resources, add your blog, or suggest a good one that should be included.

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