Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Great ClimbAddict Pro-Motion and Booty Giveaway!

Note: To skip the heavy verbiage that is my hallmark, and go directly to the promotion information - CLICK HERE!

I know I have been remiss in writing about my personal climbing, travels and the minutiae of my day. Bear with me if you can; I've been getting out there, although now it is winter and I am definitely going stir crazy here in NYC.

I got back from living in the cabin upstate at the end of November. A week later I was in Joshua Tree for two weeks. Now I am back in the city since mid-December. About one month and.... I want out! Hopefully I will be back in the cabin within a couple months - got to find a way to support myself this time around, because I am thinking on making some pretty big changes to go along with it. Possibly letting go of this apartment finally - scareeee!

But that's not why I write today. i write because the things I have been doing to fill my day have been work related. Trying to get my hair accessory line, Talisman Studios, up and out there. And some work with the t-shirt stuff.

Recently I had a giant influx of creative energy on that and, bolstered by pretty decent holiday sales, decided that "maybe I CAN do better with ClimbAddict! Maybe I can even sell a decent amount of goods!"

Hahaha - it's so easy to delude myself. Easier to distract me. And that is exactly what has happened...

You see, somewhere within that spin cycle of creativity, it occurred to me that it might be a good idea to make a Valentine's Day promotion. Now - originally this promotion was SUPPOSED to be for my hair accessories. But try as I might, I just could NOT come up with an idea. Of course, now that I implemented "The Great ClimbAddict Pro-Motion and Booty Giveaway!" a good promotion for the hair goods immediately came to mind. GAAAHH! It's true. But now that must wait, and I will implement it for an Arrival of Spring/Easter time frame. Look for me to co-op with some beauty and bath product suppliers around that time.

But, back to ClimbAddict and this Valentine's Day Promo....

Somewhere I must have read someone's pun using the word "pro" for condom. Not to hard to do, considering that I have an pretty sick addiction to the climbing discussion boards. I probably see that innuendo at least once a day. But for some reason I thought "Hey! I know! I will order a wholesale lot of condoms, come up with a punny tagline and include that as a graphic with the ClimbAddict logo on them and give them away for a Valentine's Day event!

Well, hell. Why not!? It seemed like a good idea at the time... And I figured they will be good giveaways at climbing/film fests, bouldering comps(parents of the mini pad people will just luuuuv this idea, no?) and other such events.

And so....I went to work. I came up with that tagline; it's "If you're not free soloing ~ use protection!" Considering that Valentine's Day is the international day of luv, I figure it's a good tie-in as well.

I did the art, which is included below for your reference. Then I researched and got the best deal on a pretty massive quantity of prophylactics. The idea is, that people send an SASE, and I return the envelope with one or two condoms included. I'm also adding sets of stickers, but I just could NOT come up with a way to make some conection to "stickies" and "rubbers." If you can do it - post it to the comments and I will be a happiegrrl.

And, not only that, I am going to put all those SASE's in a bin and randomly choose three winners, who will be able to choose up to $50 worth of stuff from the ClimbAddict shop.

That's the deal.

Now I HAVE to give them away because....ummm, well let's just say that, the way things have been going for me personally, I don't really need but a few for myself. And that's when I am in *wishful thinking* mode. Here's the art for the packaging:

ClimbAddict,climbing,climbing t-shirt

Now, how do YOU get to enter this contest and get your little stickies and rubbers(see, I told you I wasn't getting there)? You simply click through to the ClimbAddict Blog and that has all the information. So - do it!

Annnnnddddd - I really could use some help getting the word out with this. If you can find it in your heart to post a link to your friends or on discussion borads, your Twitter account, Facebook or whatever, that would be so nice. If you REALLY want to be a helpful person - I have made a poster up that can be downloaded and printed out. If you goto a climbing gym...it would really be cool if you could see if they'd put it up. Here are the links for that:
Contest Poster
Contest Guidelines

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