Monday, December 20, 2010

ClimbAddict Has a New Promotion

My alternate personna, ClimbAddict Designs, is running an end of year promotion. Giving away $50 in product - you can find information on the Moments In Climbing - 2010promotion here!

Trying to garner People who *Like* ClimbAddict on Facebook, so I can spa...ummm, update them with new design info, Item of the week and such. It's been told to me that I am simply - NOT - getting the word out about the damned company, despite my nearly incessant efforts. I guess I have not been working smart....

On a personal note - Yesterday I walked around the Desrt Queen Mine area with a (famous) climber, who happens to be living at the Pit, which is where I am camping, in squalid luxury, several days a week. We stumbled upon the coolest on miner's cabin, near Fraggle Rock. I have pictures, but haven't edited yet. Will be posting once I do that.

An other news - my camp stove is funked up.... I have purchased a cheap interim one from Walmart, which is clearly worth every penny OI have paid for it..... Campmor, where I bought the original one, has been called and says to send it back, and they will refund or replace it. I am NOT trying to get over, but whatever is wrong is within the regulator on the hose system, and should not be occurring(it's leaking gas - not a good sign). I truly do believe an item SHOULD withstand use for the 3/4 year of daily use it has had and so I am sending it back. All I need is the hose replaced, and will say so - It's a shame to have the thing replaced if all they need to do is send a new hose, but I have the feeling a new stove will arrive in the mail.....

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