Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Hit the Road!

I came across an interesting short article called "A History of the Gunks Carriageways," from a blog called sectionhiker.com.

It's a nice little read but what it really does is tell me just HOW much information is actually available in the Mohonk Archives. Both at the Preserve and the Mountain House.

It gives me an idea.....Since I am not(yet, anyway) a skier, nor an ice climber(which I will likely never be, with my aversion to cold and discomfort)... What a nice idea it might be to make a winter pilgrimage or two to the archives myself! I could try doing some cross-country skiing on the Mountain House grounds(being a preserve member does entitle us to access) and then, after a nice warming cup of hot cocoa(strike that - caffeine!) take a meandering visual hike back in time through the archives.

From what I understand Daniel Smiley had an obsession with data collecting, and for this we can all be grateful. The history of the area has been, indeed, preserved!

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Philip Werner said...

Highly recommend that you check out the Mohonk Archives. You should also check out the Dan Smiley research center, also on the grounds of Mohonk, if you are interested in the environmental history of the gunks.