Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Happie Asks a Favor

Hey - I'm trying something new, and wonder if you might be interested in helping me out. In an effort to drive some business to my t-shirt shop, ClimbAddict, I have taken the suggestion of others and created a "lens" at Squidoo.com.

Wanna pop over there and read my article? It's called On Belay: Finding Rock Climbing Partners.

It's still a work in progress, and even when I have the article completed I will update content periodically. But it's my first time trying this, and I can tell you that it took a lot of effort and was pretty frustrating, trying to figure the thing out! At any rate, I am wondering how it comes off to the casual reader.

What I am thinking is that, when I have some topics I want to write about that are sort of more informational, rather than personal, I might create one of these Squidoo lenses and link it here on my blog. The reason for this is to reach a broader audience on both this blog and m ClimbAddict shop.

Why do I want to do that? Truth? Because I want to be a climbing bum, and can't get on the road if I am tethered to a my current situation. I have a great apartment in the middle of it all - if New York City is your center of existence! It isn't, for me, any more. I have an easy job, running a business with two wonderful assistants. But it doesn't support me lavishly, and without a little more lavishness, I simply can't fund climbing trips or a move to a closer proximity to the crags.

I am considering expanding the online shop to include designs related to camping, hiking, conservation and stuff like that, and the Squidoo site will also be an avenue for that.

At any rate - do take a click when you have a moment, and let me know what you think. You can leave feedback on the Squidoo lens, or come back here and tell me what you think of me - hahaha. Again - the link is On Belay: Finding Rock Climbing Partners. Any helpful suggestions are always appreciated!

EDIT: You know what? That Squidoo place is like a whole other world! Galaxies have collided.... I made some updates to make my first lens a little better, and have some ideas that I want to add next week after I get back from the Gunks.

If YOU are into blogging or other creative writing, you definitely might be interested in getting into the Squidoo Swing. Next week, I will start a "Group" over there, which is a collection of writers banded together to showcase their stuff. If you'd like an invite to that group once I have it established - let me know!

I think the group I make will be broader than climbing, as there is already one there, called Rock Squids, and they don't seem active. Too small a niche I guess. I'm thinking our group will be something about the idea of being adventure athletes and writers. The lens will be about Trip Reports, and in it we showcase the lenses we make about our days out there. Subject to change though - I am going to research a little further to see how this will fits in with the scheme of things.

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