Monday, November 05, 2007

Cold Feet....

The SushiFest SetUp rolled out of town last night and the last dregs of us ...well, most of us.....split this morning. Chuck is still probably sleeping; he didn't look none too happy for me to rouse him to say goodbye at 9am....

The PortaPotty truck also came by to haul off the john - and none too soon! The last of the TP was wiped away sometime in last night's evening hours and the choss pile was bearing a frightening resemblance to an imaginary Everest shit pile.... A few attempts and the sit down start would be a short route to the top out... Ewww!

I'll post more about the party and daze as things come to mind and I have the time, but for now I'd like to give out a tip I came up with the other night. It was cold.... and instead of suffering, it occurred to me to slip my nice down jacket over the foot of my sleeping bag. This gave me an almost immediate extra warmth right where I have the most problem with cold. I think if I was reeeeally cold,.... I would zip the jacket up, tuck in the hood, and slide it over like a prophylactic. Snug as a bug in a rug...Oh...that's some imagery there....ewwww.

And so -

I'm waiting here at Coyote Corner for my first shower of the trip, and I screwed up! I got here half an hour ago, before the store opened, and started hunting and pecking online. Now....I'm already 3rd in line for a shower! I'd better get myself in there officially before it gets worse.

Last night, HVCG was FULL UP. Hopefully, now it's Monday, I'll roll in and get the Stem Gem site(my favorite). Send me Stem gem juju!
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