Thursday, November 29, 2007

Are You the OutDoorzy Type?

So, winter's on it's way. Rock season at the Gunks is on hiatus til spring(for me, at least), and I ain't got the money to go west for the winter. What am I to do!?

The bad news is - it seems like the answer to my question has been to spend yet MORE time on the internet....UhOhhhh. But, the GOOD news is that, in doing so, I came across a new discussion forum site that I think will become a great new resource.

It's called, and as you might guess....the focus is on outdoors-related activities.

The forum section has sections for Land, Water, Snow, Air, Urban and Other things to do, which covers a pretty wide array of lifestyles for the non-sedentary sort of person. And it has a very friendly vibe; I get the feeling that the inane trash that passes for interaction at would not go over well here - which is a really good thing. The "Campground" forum on that site is looking more and more like Craigslist Rants every time I log on.

It looks like the site is about a year and a half old, so they've had time to gather a decent number of members and develop a character, but with such a wide array of sports in the mix, it can feel sort of unpopulated at times. In short - the more, the merrier, and with winter coming, why not join in and make some new friends ?

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1 comment:

wade said...

Thanks Happiegrrrl!

Anyone who joins Outdoorzy and knows Happiegrrrl, just message me (Wade) and I'll send you a few bumper stickers for your ride or nalgene. :)