Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Teddy Gets His Picture Taken by a Pro

This weekend, I was walking down the carriage road and ran into some people I'd met a few weeks ago. As usual, I would have walked right past them, caught in my own little world.... Someone stopped me and asked if I'd seen the pictures of my dog from the Trapps Boulder Clean Up Day I'd attended back at the end of June.

Well - I hadn't seen those pictures, and since I knew this man was a professional photographer - I certainly did want to! He gave me his card, and I put it safely in a pocket within my own camera case, so I wouldn't lose it. When I returned home yesterday, I couldn't wait to see Teddy's famous picture, and of course, I thought he looked adorable.... Don't you agree?

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
~photo by David Toth~

But the cool thing was that I discovered all these great pictures that the guy, David Toth, took from that day. Like this one!
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
~photo by David Toth~

David has an album of shots from that day on his Flickr account, and I hope you'll click that link and take a look.

He's also got plenty of great bouldering photos posted to the site. Here's the Main Page.

And finally - I'd like to put in a plug for the man, since he's a pro photographer for hire.... He does weddings, among other lifestyle shots, I see when looking at his web site, David Toth Photgraphy. How cool would it be, to have someone who knows how to shoot great climbing shots taking your wedding pictures while the two of you are 3rd-classing it on your wedding day!?

So - do take some time today, if you're feeling it, and have a look at David's work, and pass the links on to your friends(or simply send them a link to this blog entry by clicking the Email button below!

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Dave Toth said...

Glad you liked the pics.
The latest Urban Climber used one of the whole group so check it out.

and yea my blog

happiegrrrl said...

You're welcome, and will check out the UC issue. Here - I've hot-linked your blog that you listed. I took a peek the other day, and found it good reading!

happiegrrrl said...

grrr...I musta done something wrong in the link html....and Blogger site doesn't allow edits to comments, that I can see. No doubt I'll get it wrong again if I retry! Oh well - people will just have to cut and paste your link.