Thursday, September 06, 2007

Road Trip!(Just a Quickie)

I'll be disconnected for the next coupla daze, on a short climbing trip. It's about damned time. My last trip was way back in the end of April, for the Supertopo SushiFest.

This time, I'm headed up to Boston where I'll meet up with a climber I met ON that April trip! We're going to Sterling Rope's
"Goddesses on the Rocks"
women's climbing workshop, up at North Conway, NH.

This will be my first time in that area, and I'm looking forward to seeing the place. We will head up a day before the event and get a day of climbing in. Sport climbing...if I understand correctly. Do you think I'll succumb, or will I stick to my traditional roots! I dunno, but I'm looking for fun and pretty sure I'll find it.

My friend will be participating at the event, and I am volunteering. I'll be a go-for to whichever group leader I get tagged up with; looks like I will have either Intro to Climbing or Beginner Trad. Either way, it will be a great chance to encourage women to get out there and get at it.

My friend has another person coming for a few extra days, and....I am not sure how I'm getting back home....since I have to travel on Monday, and they are staying in the area. Well.....I'm sure it will somehow work out that someone from the GotR event is headed south....right?

The next Goddesses event is September 29-30, at the New River Gorge. Info on the link earlier in this post. I can tell you these events are fun and a great way to network with other women climbers. And an easy way to get to see a new climbing area!

See you next week!

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