Friday, August 31, 2007

A Word from the Program Director....

You know, it occurred to me this morning that I ought to thanks you all for taking the time to check in and see what I'm up to. It's been fun, this last month, as I rededicate myself to this project. Lot's of work too....I have GOT to start short-roping my blog entries! hahahah

So - without further ado - THANK YOU!!!

I've sort of felt a little-one-sided on the thing, and though of course I read those comments that have started coming in, I feel sort of like...."Well, then what!? What happens to these people, and will they be someone who I run into next season who says 'Hey - I commented on your blog! Remember...."

Why wait for that! It occurs to me that I DO already have a discussion forum put up, which I started to highlight the designs I make for ClimbAddict, my online t-shirt shop.(*See credit for idea below) So....why not make use of that as a way for people who've been interneteddly introduced, through my blog, to build our community?

The forum has never really taken off, and I think maybe it's because it doesn't offer much diffence than most other climbing forums, so I've asked for suggestions as to how to improve it here.

One other thing - If YOU make a blog yourself - about any outdoor rec sports topic - there IS a place on that forum to create a thread and tell people about it. I hope you'll take a head over there and add yourslef to the list. It's also a place for pro sites, so....if you love the photgrpahy of Galen, or think everyone should know about Tommy and Beth's lastes record-breaking ascent - please do post a link for them. We know they're...out friggin climbing and....well, Galen's probably not got internet yet up where he is. They say Heaven's whatever you want, but do we see broadband connections coming down from 'Up There' yet? hmmm...maybe that's telling us something...But I digress.

* This idea came to me through reading another blog about....blogging! The entry, found on Daily Blog Tips, is geared towards helping bloggers grow. If you write a bog, this is an excellent resource. Check them out!

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