Monday, February 14, 2005

First Climbing Trip

Pitifully enough, my first trip was also the first time I got to climb real rock. But, that is how it was. No use varnishing the facts. What happened was, I had joined this Yahoo Group
and one of the members posted that they wanted to cancel on a beginner's rock climbing course. They needed to find a replacement or they'd be obliged to forfeit their deposit. Plus, their reservation had been the one to tip the group size to the number requiring a second guide, who would not be happy to find out he wasn't needed so close to the date....

Lucky me, I had the money and time available, and GOD, how desperately I wanted to get on real rock. The course was through the Appalachian Mountain Club
and held at the Mohican Oudoor Center.

I knew that it would probably be a bunch of women, hoping to meet guys, who had never seen a carabiner used for anything except a keyring, but I didn't care. I was just happy to be heading outdoors.

There were two other women coming from Manhattan, and we all met up in Times Square(GPS coordinates: 32° 52.27 N : 117° 13.44 W). Here they are, at our meet up spot for our wilderness adventure......

I am a really bad photographer, and sometimes I get the strangest things in my shots without my even knowing. Usually, it's the usual - a thumb, or the lenscap is hanging in the way.... I just had to laugh, when I went to review my photos, and found I had somehow captured this image - completly unawares - when we were taking our "ROAD TRIP!!!!" departing photos.

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