Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Kum & Go Plays Bait & Switch

UPDATE: 2 hours after I Tweeted a link to this post, I got a Twitter response from a Kum & Go representative. Seems this person tweets practically 24/7, according to the profile log.... Wonder if the Twittering is the main duty in their job! At any rate - this person, who goes by ^MPT on the Kum&Go Twitter profile said he was emailing HQ(or someone, at any rate) about the issue. He wrote(via Twitter):
You sure will. I'm typing up an email now. We'll take care of you. Thanks for your patience. :) ^MPT

I replied to his Twitter post with:
Thanks for the reply, ^MPT. I'll be duly awaiting response from HQ. Let's HOPE they will desist on the pricing misrepresentation. and within MINUTES he wrote back as follows:
You should have a reply in your inbox. I sent it to the email on your Blogger profile. Let me know if you didn't get it. ^MPT

Unfortunately, the email was not there as mentioned, but it is likely because that contact is outdated. I will update the contact email and advise to him, but I am wondering why they can't simply respond to the letter I emailed them in the first place - which DID have the current contact email!

So I am back on the road, headed south to warmer weather(I hope!). I'll do another updating post soon, but need to vent. I HATE unethical business practices, and if you agree that this is the case upon reading this post, I hope you will help me go on a boycotting tirade against Kum & Go gas stations.

The title on this blog post links directly to Kum & Go's Contact Form(as does this link. Send them a note telling them how you feel about such tactics. And do please link this post up and down the internet highway! Twitter, Facebook, even MySpace if it still exists! If YOU have had a similar tactic employed by a gas station while on the road - please post about it in the comments section.

Here's the letter I wrote, after filling my damned 33 gallon tank, which had like 1/8 left in it at the time.

Hello -

I pulled in to buy gas, seeing the price of $2.71. MOST places have the lower octane gas as the cheapest. NOT this station.

The only prices listed on the sign were one for gasoline, and one for diesel.

When I got to the pump, I did notice two choices for gas, but naturally assumed the lower octane to have been the one advertised on the board.

Nope. While the board DOES say "super unleaded" is $2.71 9/10, I am sure that the station is WELL aware the consumer sees the price only.

When I looked at my receipt and noticed I had been charger $2.81 9/10 instead, I was QUITE pissed off. I bought 23.661 gallons off your gas, at a cost of $66.60, and was - in my opinion - ripped off out of $2.36.

While it might not *seem* a big deal, I am well aware of the factor when applied in quantity.

This behavior tells me that Kum & Go is an unethical business.

I am on a cross-country road trip; one which is being reported on on Facebook, Twitter, 3 international website discussion boards for adventure athletes(who travel extensively) and a blog with a good number of viewers. You can BET I will be posting this letter and details.

Would you like to comment(which will be included in follow up postings).

Thank you,


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