Monday, December 01, 2008

The Virgin's Guide To Joshua Tree Climbing

Well, it's ready for public consumption. People ask all the time for the basic information on Jtree - camping, getting around, stuff like that. And I often go to some lengths to tell them what I know. I have been wanting to put it all into a blog post so I could just say "Go Here!" and now I can do just that!

The Virgin's Guide To Joshua Tree Climbing is a hefty resource of just about anything people heading there for the first time might need to know. It includes links to the various businesses, photos from the area(more to come when I return from my nest trip - leaving Thursday morning!) and some stories to back up some of the suggestions I have made.

What it does NOT include are blatant tricks of the trade. I am not going to be responsible for letting the cat out of the bag on some of the stuff best kept in the bag, so don't expect to find out how to get over on fees, camping limits or whatever else people tend to want to work their way around. Some things are better left unsaid, at least on the internet, and if a person can't figure things out for themselves....well, I am sorry for them.

I will be updating the thing with more information as I gather it, and am thinking maybe it can be a winter project to make a print version of the thing available through cafepress. We'll see.....

If there are any areas you feel should be covered and haven't yet been, or have something useful to add, leave a comment here or on the VGTJTClimbing page. I'll do what I can to include it.

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