Friday, December 26, 2008

"Dead Men Hike No Trails" - Tales by the Campfire

So there I was, seeking warmth on a cold desert winter night, at my neighbors campfire. One part scrimping on wood costs, another for the solace of company, I found myself listening to a man travel the travails of his writing career.

There were about eight of us encircled around the fire and more than a few had added beers to the mix, so it was an eclectic conversation. My interest was piqued when I learned the guy sitting to my left was an author.

Being a wannabe writer myself, I was interested in what he had to say. I didn't learn much about Rick McKinney that night, and so here I am, back in New York City hunkering down for the off-season with more time to spare than a clocks and watches case in a pawn shop. "Where to start?" I asked myself, trying to recall the title of the book he'd mentioned writing.

We'd been talking about the Appalachian trail(or something) and I mentioned a book that "most" people will recall, because it sold well. I won't mention it here, because - well, because I want to focus on RICK's book! After all, as he had lamented, he actually hiked the entire trail in a push, and not only that, he wrote his book while actually on the trail!

After a few false GoogleSteps, I came up with the correct title, and hit the listing of Dead men Hike No Trails by Rick McKinney.

The conversation veered away from the topic quickly, but I kept wanting to go back. I learned a tiny bit about his efforts as an author, but no very much. He gave a synopsis of a book yet to be published, if ever a house can get past their concerns of a lawsuit by a mega-giant corporation(how's that for intrigue....?). I even pushed my own idea for a story, wondering if the subject would cross copyright boundaries, to which he responded "I'd write it and let 'em sue me!" Sounds like sound advice in this day of 'any publicity is good publicity.' Well....maybe for an author such as himself, with other works which would surely be of interest within such a commotion.

At any rate - I'm going to order Dead Man Hike No Trails as soon as I hit the Publish button on this post, and while I don't expect you to blindly follow my lead, I do hope that you will at least check out the several reveiws he's received, and perhaps add his blog to your reading list. If you're feeling really generous, and maybe Santa dropped a new computer down your chimney this holiday season, it seems he could make use of your old one. Check his 12/18 entry, entitled Donate Your Laptop? for details.

And - act fast! - click on, Rick's website for more where that came from. There's plenty to take you out of the winter doldrums, while doing a good thing - lending an ear to an author's written word.
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