Wednesday, December 12, 2007

An Update on My T-Shirt Shop - Just in Time for Xmas!!!

Well..... My blog byline does say "where I've been"... And where I have been since the cold weather started kicking in is here at home, wishing I had logistics in place to head off for a nice long road trip. But one can only spend so much of their day wishing around.... And so I have been filling in by doing some new designs for ClimbAddict, my online t-shirt shop.

It's true - that this is a blatant plug for the shop - you've got to understand that going in! But I'm not begging, not pleading or any of that, for you to go and buy anything. But - some people actually do, on occasion, and so I have to believe that it's worth the effort I put into it. So...if you are wondering what to do with that extra cash just lying around, or just want to see what I'm doing, might as well pop over.

The most recent design I added(just yesterday) is this one, based on one of Picasso's well-known pieces, that I am calling "Your Lead/Nut Bouquet."
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But, as you can guess, shipping time is getting tight for the xmas rush, and even with the guidelines, they have included the caveat "your experience may vary." Here's what they have listed:

For delivery by Dec. 24, please order by 11:59 p.m. EST on:

Shipping Method
Economy Sunday, December 9
Standard Thursday, December 13
Premium Tuesday, December 18
Express Wednesday, December 19
Canada Friday, December 7
International Saturday, December 8

Order deadlines apply for all items except books which have a longer processing time. Delivery dates are not guaranteed and may include extra transit time in case of unforeseen delays. Late deliveries are always a possibility, but CafePress will do its best to ensure late deliveries are as infrequent as possible.

On the other hand, CafePress(the company that hosts the store, and handles fulfillment) has introduced Gift Certificates this year. They are sent by email, which is a good thing for last minute people like myself.

So - You can go to the shop, pick out a gift for someone and add it to your shopping cart. Then, when you get to the check out, there is an option to give a gift certificate instead. You can set it up so the item you chose is featured, with a note saying "(Mr. Wonderful Friend) thought you might like..." with a link to the product you chose. The recipient can adjust the order - sizing, color choice, change to a different item - and then they're done. The only thing I would suggest, if you choose the gift cert option, is to include a little extra on the amount, so they aren't stuck paying additional for shipping. There is an option listed that enables that.

Confusing...But I think it's pretty user-friendly in real life. Plus, CafePress has awesome customer service. Even though it's print on demand(each item is made up after ordered), if there is something you don't like - wrong size, whatever - they will refund or replace(or credit for something else, in the case of gift certificate) with no hassle whatsoever.

Anyway - I ramble, as always.

Thanks for taking the time to read my self-promoting blog entry, and also for your continued interest. It really makes me happy to see that I have a nicely developing community of readership, people checking in as new items post. It's definitely appreciated!

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