Monday, December 17, 2007

Fire Sale! - Proceeds for Alpinist Magazine

Most of you have already heard about the warehouse fire suffered by Alpinist Magazine, and their huge loss of inventory. Luckily, nobody was injured in the tragedy.

People have been ordering subscriptions left and right, from what I am gathering. But here's someone stepping up with help in a way that is really heartwarming. Instead of going into unnecessary detail, I'll post the words he wrote himself.

From professional photographer Randy Wenzel, as posted on Supertopo:

I'm sure you all know by now about the tragic fire at Alpinist Magazine's warehouse. Referred to by a member on summipost recently as, The National Geographic of climbing magazines...", Alpinist magazine is quite a special publication. I really believe in what Alpinist is doing and can't think of a better group to support as my "good deed of the year".

To go a little further towards helping out, I'll donate 100% of the profit (profit = minus printing, matte, framing and shipping) of any of the prints on my website bought by supertopo members. I'll send the money directly to Christian Beckwith, the man behind Alpinist. I've worked with Christian - he's a great guy and believes in what they are doing at Alpinist. He'll put the money to the best use for the company.

To go a little further, as I know art is expensive (yet we make less than starving magazine editors, go figure), if you make a reasonable offer on a print, (below the listed price - above the cost), I'll accept the offer and donate the profits still. Kinda like Karl's "dirtbag special".

My site, for those who haven't been there is (Note: hotlink enabled by the myself, the artist did not directly link on his post) You can use the ordering process there or contact me directly here (my email link here works). If you use the online order forms in my galleries, please be sure to leave a note in the comments section stating that you are a supertopo member. Thanks.

Also, I haven't yet gotten the blurb up, but there is a 20% special on my "Print of the Month" selection. I haven't gotten them all up yet, but you know... It's the holidays, end of year, etc. It's a busy time.

Renewal and Gift Subscription links are available right on Alpinist's front page HERE.

note: I thought a bit about doing this, before I posted, which is sad. I'm sure there are those who will try to find a negative in this. Well, so be it and that's their personal issue. I spoke with Christian last week and he's appreciative of all of the support the community is giving. That's pretty much all that matters.

Thanks Folks!


I am enjoying Randy's work right now, viewing his site as I write this entry. He's wonderfully gifted. Please take a moment yourself to see if you might like to take him up on his offer, helping the folks at Alpinist and receiving a beautiful piece of artwork in the act. As well - if you know people who aren't all over the web, or may not check in at Supertopo - please, send them a link to the thread mentioned above, or forward this entry directly by clicking the button below.

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