Monday, October 15, 2007

Guest Blogger - Michelle Waitzman - "Sex in a Tent: A Wild Couple’s Guide to Getting Naughty in Nature "

Guest blogger Michelle Waitzman is the author of Sex in a Tent: A Wild Couple’s Guide to Getting Naughty in Nature (Wilderness Press 2007). The book is available at REI stores across the US, and at from October 15. She also has a blog called Love in a Tent.

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Sex in a Tent is a new book that tells you everything you need to know (but were too embarrassed to ask) about thoroughly enjoying the outdoors with a romantic partner.

It features stories from outdoor lovers around the world, who share their sexual adventures, mishaps and advice. Author Michelle Waitzman covers every subject from introducing newcomers to the outdoors experience, preventing a wilderness shouting match, looking and smelling sexy without a shower, and supplying lots of inspirational ideas for couple who want to combine their love of the outdoors with their love lives.

Once you’ve found your inspiration, Sex in a Tent also dishes up recipes for delicious alfresco meals, and gives you the lowdown on some of the most romantic places in the world to pitch a tent.

Why Climbers Are Sexy

Rock climbers have to be the sexiest people in the outdoors community. And I’m not saying that because it applies to me – sadly my climbing experience is limited to one or two tries on an indoor wall. But you folks who do it all of the time sure make good eye candy! I had a think about what makes climbers so hot, and I came up with a few answers:

1. Climbers are toned
It’s hard to maneuver yourself around those tough spots with a big, pot belly in the way, so most climbers are quite sleek in build. All of that flexing and clinging makes for some good muscle tone as well, which shows even when you’re not half-way up a cliff. People who are in good climbing condition are in good-looking condition too.

2. Climbers are flexible
Getting your leg up to a hold next to your shoulder ain’t easy, and the dividends can be seen in the bedroom! All of that practise getting into awkward positions makes you very supple lovers, and don’t believe for a moment that people aren’t thinking about that when they watch you climb. It also makes you less likely to get a cramp at an inconvenient time, or pull a muscle when you try a new lovemaking position.

3. Climbers have hot outfits
Sure, climbing clothes are designed to be snug so that they don’t get in your way. But the side effect is that they show off your spectacular, toned bodies (see 1.) and make you look much more attractive than, for instance, the zip-off pants worn by hikers! Companies like Prana are making technical clothes so attractive you could get away with wearing them to a night club. It could save you from having two wardrobes.

4. Climbers are trustworthy
This one goes beyond appearances. If you’re going to have someone belay you, they’ve got to be trustworthy. Your life depends on it. This makes climbing a great activity for one-on-one bonding (and possibly bondage, with all those ropes and harnesses around) because you’re forced to rely on each other. Unless you’re a solo climber, in which case it doesn’t really matter how hot you are, because nobody is there to see it.

5. Climbers go for it
Sometimes it’s hard to get things started with a new love interest. Climbers are used to setting goals and then taking action to see them through. That’s the sort of behavior that will see them getting a lot more action in their social lives too! Being a do-er instead of a spectator is the way to get the most out of life, whether it’s trying a new route, or a new mate.

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happiegrrrl said...

Thanks for coming on as a guest blogger, Michelle. Best of luck to you on your Blog Tour - I'll keep up with your own blog to see where you pop up! And - Good luck with your book promotion. Hard work, getting out there day after day.