Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Need a Gear Fix?

No - not THAT kind of fix, you gear junkies! I mean a fix to the zipper on your tent or down jacket type of fix!

Sewwllymon tells us on a Supertopo.com thread that the place TO go in SoCal for such things is the Wilderness Workshop, owned and operated by Janise Clooney since 1982.

Now, don't be discouraged when you click that link and find that the website offers no email addy or contact form, and asks you to giver Janise a call at 323-256-0723 to discuss what she can do for your trusted and beloved(and irreplaceable!) gear. Just pick up the phone, and make that call - like we did BITD BEFORE the impersonal automation of the net.

Pasadena Weekly ran a story on Wilderness Workshop a while ago, so check out that article, "Nature's Fabric - Wilderness Workshop Has Outdoor Repair Needs All Sewn Up" and find out a little more about the company.

It's really hard to get outdoor clothing repaired(as I surely found last fall when trying (unsuccessfully) to have my down jacket's zipper replaced....Hey! I need to call Janice! If I send that jacket out now, it will be back in plenty of time for the cold winter days. Thanks Sewellymon!

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