Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Here's an interesting site - ClimbingWeather.com.

The content you'll find there should be fairly self-evident; weather forecasts for locations of climbing destinations around the United States. What an idea! On my bookmark it goes.

The design layout is very simple and not distracting. Easy to see the navigational aspect of the site and find your way around. The Home pages starts by listing each state in alphabetical order, as a headline. Below each state(which is clickable as a whole) are the various climbing areas they cover, clickable in themselves.

The "State" pages open up with a listing of their respective climbing areas, which are linked, and a general overview of the day's weather at them(Hi/Low and chances of precipitation during the day/night). There's also a Google map with the crags pinpointed and linked for driving directions. Finally, there is a comprehensive overview of the topography and year-round climate variables within the state.

When you navigate to a climbing destination's page, you will see a heading that contains GPS coordinates for the area, and a link to online route databases, such as MountainProject.com.

Next comes the weather report... a six-day general outlook with highs/lows/chance of precip and relative humidity. Some pages include professional and semi-pro quality climbing photos specific to the area(photographers are appropriately credited with hotlinks to their websites or online galleries).

Back to the Home Page, of course you will find an "About Us" and contact information, and a search function. Also, an inspiring climbing "Photo of the Moment," and a list of posts, including videos links, from professional climber's recent accomplishments.

All in all, ClimbingWeather.com seems to be an interesting concept that I hope will flourish. Why not take a look for yourself!

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