Tuesday, January 01, 2008

"Spend a Day or Many in the eGalleries" List of Photographers

Here's my "Spend a Day or Many in the eGalleries" List of Photographers.

Most are professionals who include climbing shots in their portfolios, but some focus their eye on other adventure lifestyles, and some are hobbyists who deserve their day in the sun. Who knows, they may well be the next "paid gun" out there, making a few coins of their shots, in an effort to keep living the life.

I will be adding to the list, so keep checking in, and if you know of someone whose work you think should be included, please include a link to their site in the comments. All comments do get read, and though I can't guarantee inclusion, I'll do my best to add all those possible. And if you find a link not working, please do let me know so I can repair it.


Ansel Adams
Stephen Alvarez
Dan Armstrong
Karl Baba
Pascal Beauvais
David Black *Added 1/13/08
Kaj Bune
Andrew Burr
Jakub Cejpek
John Okner *Added 2/19/09
Jimmy Chin
Jonny Copp
Monica Dalmasso
Alain Denis
Glen Denny *Added 1/4/08
Jerry Dodrill
Greg Epperson
Tom Evans *Added 2/20/09
Robbie George
Matt Hage
Bill Hatcher
Chase Jarvis
keith Ladzinski *Added 1/5/08
Tim Kemple
Randall Levensaler *Added 1/4/08
Craig Lueben
Lucas Marshall *Added 1/4/08
Stephen Matera
Andrew McGarry
Jared McMillen
Ben Moon
Shawn Reeder
Galen Rowell
Cory Richards
Whit Richardson
Gabe Rogel
Caleb Simpson *Added 1/1/08
Nathan Smith *Added 2/20/09
David Toth
Tyler Stableford
Hardie Truesdale
Beth Wald *Added 1/4/08
Randy Wenzel

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Caleb said...

I do a bit of climbing photography myself. Not as near as much as I would like to though. You should also check out Dave Black Photography.

btw this is bigfatrock from rc.com

happiegrrrl said...

Thanks Caleb. I added David Black's site. And yours, even though you didn't ask for it. people - he's Caleb Simpson, up there. Go take a look!

John said...


the best gunks photog out there

Pull Photography said...

How about www.pullphotography.com